Museum for Letters and Manuscripts

This museum has a collection of rare and valuable letters and manuscripts, some of which have never been seen before. Nearly 250 original documents are on display, including the writings and letters of General de Gaulle, Napoleon, Proust and Voltaire, a love letter by painter Theodore Géricault, a Mozart score, poems by Paul Eluard and he cease-fire command by general Eisenhower of 7 May 1945. The collection further includes in total 70 000 documents. Although French writers and documents are prominently present, writings of other Europeans, are present as well. Einstein, Planck, Schumann, Tolstoi and Marlene Dietrich can be found alongside Poincaré or Camus.

Museum: Museum for Letters and Manuscripts
City: Paris
Country: France
Address: 222, boulevard Saint-Germain