Museum Des Ursulines

The museum contains various sections of art and culture from the region, the south of Burgundy. The archaeological section guides the visitor through the history and development of Macon to contemplate ancient plans of the city, mosaics of Gallo-Roman villas unearthed and many objects form that period. The museum also exhibits the objects found on the Motte site of Loisy. The oldest known chess pieces in Western-Europe are on display. These chess pieces show the development from the non-figural Arab to the figural European presentations in the course of the tenth century. They also tell the story of the close relations between Europe and Byzantium, the Orient and today’s Middle-East. The section also consists of pithy Romanesque and Gothic sculpture: architectural fragments from disappeared medieval monuments, a.o.the former Cathedral of St. Vincent and the recumbent figure of Dorothea of Poitiers.

Museum: Museum Des Ursulines
City: Macon
Country: France
Address: 5 des Ursulines