Marmottan Museum

The museum is one of the major museums of Impressionist paintings. The Monet collection shows the significant stages of the master painter’s career and follows the evolution of his technique. The museum is the custodian of the largest Monet collection in the world. Among others the collection holds the pieces painted on the Normand coast: the Trouville beach, Camille, and the movement’s eponymous painting Impression, Sunrise; the Argenteuil pieces: walks or railway bridges; the views of Paris: the Tuileries, the Saint-Lazare station; the travel memories: the London Parliament, the Charing Cross Bridge; the water lilies, Japanese bridges, and rose alleys that will lead to the Grandes Décorations. The museum also benefits from a large set of Berthe Morisot pieces. The museum is now in possession of 81 of the artist’s pieces: oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, drawings, and 7 sketchbooks. The museum also contains pieces by Gauguin, Corot, Boudin, Renoir, Guillaumin, Carrière.
The museum owns and exhibits an extraordinary set of illuminations. This prestigious collection, one of the world’s largest, has hundreds of pieces presenting illumination art during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The collection is dedicated to French and Italian illuminations from the 15th and 16th century. but also includes French, Italian, English, and Flemish illuminations from the 13th to the 16th century. The collection features the following masterpieces: The Mission of the Apostles by the Master of San Michele a Murano, Initial P Saint Prosdocimus Baptizing Vitalian by Girolamo da Cremona, Initial O The Dream of Saint Romuald by Attavante, the leaf from the Hours of Etienne Chevalier by Jean Fouquet, and the leaf from the Book of Hours of Louis XII by Jean Bourdichon.

Museum: Marmottan Museum
City: Paris
Country: France
Address: rue Louis Boilly 2