Maritime Museum Kiel

The maritime museum (Schiffahrtsmuseum) in Kiel is located in a former fish market hall at the Kiel harbour. The permanent exhibition displays models representing monumental imperial paintings, ships from all times, nautical instruments, ship paintings, figureheads, the legendary Kiel marine suit and inventions like a model of the first German submarine, an original sonar, dioramas and the emperor’s panorama 3-D-picture-show. In addition, monumental seascape paintings, other maritime paintings and the kitchen-cum-living-room of a shipyard worker are presented. At the adjoined museum pier you can visit three veteran ships: the lifeboat “Hindenburg”, the fireboat “Kiel” and the buoy ship “Bussard” from 1905.

Museum: Maritime Museum Kiel
City: Kiel
Country: Germany
Address: Wall 65