Hautecombe Abbey

From its founding in the 12th century, the Abbey (Abbaye d’Hautecombe) has been closely linked with the House of Savoy which chose it te be its family’s burial site. It was around 1139 that Abbot Amadeus of Clermont founded the Abbey  along with the support of Bernard of Clairvaux. This Cistercian community built the first abbey as well as the buildings around it. Abbey life continued without interruption for more than six centuries. At the beginning of the 19th century the Abbey was attached once more to the kingdom of Sardinia after the Congress of Vienna. King Charles-Félix of Savoy (1765-1831), king of Sardinia, restored and rebuilt the abbey in the Neogothic troubadour style. The last King of Italy, Umberto II, a descendant of the Savoy family and his wife Queen Marie Josée, are buried at his side as well in 1983 respectively in 2001. The abbey and the church treasure are open to the public.



Museum: Hautecombe Abbey
City: Saint Pierre de Curtille
Country: France
Address: Route de l’ Abbaye
Website: http://www.hautecombe.org