Gallo-Roman Museum

The collections of the museum (Musee Gallo-Romain) make up a complete panorama of everyday life during the first centuries AD. The chosen strategy is an ethnological approach, with numerous reconstructions in the form of models. The visit allows guests to discover the site and its history and the scope of Romanization, notably through the mosaic of The Conquering Athletes, the paintings of the wrestlers’ baths and the model of Vienne covering the 2nd century to the present day. The artisan trades, commerce, and economic importance of the city, a source of wealth for its inhabitants, are evoked in the part of the museum dominating the river Rhône, a reminder of the river’s essential role as means of communication and transport. Further along, you will discover the diversity of decorations and the originality of the style of the mosaicists of Vienne. Dominating the archaeological site is the presentation of a Roman house, sector by sector, which reconstructs the style and manners of everyday life. The wealth of its inhabitants is expressed in the construction of veritable little palaces. Around them are paved streets, warehouses, and workshops, and also the public baths, comprising an urban landscape whose organization and concern for comfort whose modernity is surprising.

Museum: Gallo-Roman Museum
City: Saint-Romain-en-Gal-Vienne
Country: France
Address: Route departementale 502