Folkwang Museum

The Museum has an excellent collection of nineteenth century and classical modern paintings and sculpture, post-1945 art and photography. The core of this major collection is German and French painting from the last centuries. Forerunners of modernism are represented with masterpieces by Cézanne, Gauguin and van Gogh. Also present are German Romantics as well as Courbet, Daumier, Manet and Renoir. The numerous works by German Expressionists and the Blaue Reiter are of unique quality. Beyond the paintings and an extensive Graphic Arts collection, a Photographic Collection was founded in 1978 as a further important department of the museum. One special aspect of the collection is the large holdings of antique and non-European art and European and non-European crafts from 4000 B.C. to the nineteenth century.

Museum: Folkwang Museum
City: Essen
Country: Germany
Address: Museumsplatz 1