The Roman City and Roman Museum

The museum consists of the archaeological park, the exhibition hall and the reconstruction of a Roman city. The museum has a chronological structure. A modern tour takes you through Xanten’s long and eventful Roman history. Exhibits that may be touched and tried out, different media, audio plays and many offerings for children give young and old insights into Roman life. The Town Baths of Colonia Ulpia Traiana resembled a palace in many respects. The well preserved remains of their foundation walls, pools, heating ducts and fireplaces can be visited. Roman master builders created monumental buildings. The visitors learn about the important promotion to Colonia status and the tremendous achievements in the construction of the city’s major buildings. illustrate the daily life of the Romans, their crafts and trades as well as the economic importance of the city. The colossal amphitheatre, the city wall, the harbour temple and other buildings have been rebuilt on a scale of 1:1 in their original location and using original techniques.

Museum: The Roman City and Roman Museum
Stad: Xanten
Land: Duitsland
Adres: Siegfriedstrasse 39