Museum Het Schip

Spaarndammerplantsoen in Amsterdam features three monumental public housing blocks designed by Michel de Klerk. The most expressionist apartment block is known as Het Schip (The Ship). That block is one of the best examples of the Amsterdam School movement of the early 20th century. Museum Het Schip is located in the former post office, which was also designed by M. de Klerk. A visit to the carefully designed interior is quite an experience. The building also features the exhibition ‘Poste Restante, de Amsterdamse School’, which answers questions such as: What were the special circumstances that turned Amsterdam into a Mecca for public housing, and what is the cultural-historical value of the Amsterdam School? The museum also provides access to a restored working class house, the exhibition on the Amsterdam School architects’ inspiration sources and an opportunity to see Michel de Klerk’s world-famous tower.

Museum: Museum Het Schip
Stad: Amsterdam
Land: Nederland
Adres: Spaarndammerplantsoen 140