Castle Bergh

Bergh Castle is located close to the frontier with Germany in the eastern part of The Netherlands. The castle belonged to count Hendrik van den Bergh (1573-1638) . A controversial count who played a major role in the Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648) between Spain and the Dutch Republic of Seven Provinces, Hendrik van den Bergh held the highest rank imaginable in the Spanish army, only to defect to join the Dutch. The permanent collection of Bergh Castle includes early Italian painting, Northern European painting, historic portraits, medieval manuscripts, coins and sculptures. The collection was built between 1912 and 1957 by the then owner of the castle Jan Herman van Heek. The beautifully ornate manuscripts and incunables are of great national and international importance. The Antoniuszaal (Anthony Room) houses a substantial part of the collection. It is a very calming and inspiring room. A 15th century rood screen leads to the central part of the room with medieval sculptures, ivories, late medieval paintings and of course the manuscript collection.

Museum: Castle Bergh
Stad: 's-Heerenberg
Land: Nederland
Adres: Hof van Bergh 8