Who are the Liars and Populists ?

Fake, Stapferhaus, Lenzburg (CH). Foto: Stapferhaus.ch

If one wants to gain insight into the mainstream media of Switzerland, Germany or the Netherlands, one has to read the front page of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung of August, 17th. Boris Johnson is the main character, and this newspaper refers to him in the following way:” flamboyante Politiker, liebt pathetische Anspielungen”, …..Macht zu sichern. Und allein darum geht es ihm”, “Strategie des intelligenten und Skrupulosen Machtmenschen Johnson”,”….zieht Johnson alle bekannte Register des britischen Populismus”, “Denn während Johnson stahlhard entschlossen ist”, “und jene, die den Brexit genau wie Johnson zum eigenen Machtgewinn nutzen”, “Die EU sollte sich zudem eine geschickte Kommunikationsstrategie gegen Johnson’s Propaganda zulegen”. This article and its adjectives and (moral) judgements could come straight from the Berlaymont in Brussels.

In previous articles, this newspaper already described him as a macho, nationalist, populist and liar, the usual EU-rhetoric against those who dare to criticize this EU. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung also hates the Swiss politician Blocher because he almost single-handedly kept Switzerland out of the much-beloved EU and wanted euro in 1992 and 2001. Swiss intellectuals fall en masse for this Eurocommunism, as their predecessors did for the other communism until 1989. European Federalism instead of International Socialism. The picture in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Welt, Der Spiegel, Die Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany, or Volkskrant, Financieel Dagblad, NRC-Handelsblad, Trouw and Telegraaf in the Netherlands is no different.

The crime of the former successful mayor of London (more than 10 million inhabitants) and upper class erudite: Brexit. These media have been lying, deceiving and scaremongering since the introduction of the reckless Euro and the open door policy, however. The irresponsible fast enlargement of the EU took place without any fundamental reform of the EU. And now they can’t go back, as the EU is unable to reform, immer vorwärts, Kameraden. That was at stake in the British referendum of June 2016.

These self-proclaimed ‘intellectuals’ and Great Europeans lack self-reflection, integrity, decency and often a thorough education and knowledge and understanding of ‘Europe’ (whatever this geographical definition means) and the functioning of this EU, ECB and other institutions. They all too often copy the press releases of the European Institutions. They have short term memories when it concerns the many destructive EU-policies, bizarre (agricultural) subsidy system, protectionism, French nationalism, corruption, nepotism and lack of trias politica and democracy. The (criminal) Euro, the Balkan wars (1991-1999), Rwanda (1994), Ukraine (2014), the immigration- and refugee mismanagement and sky-high unemployment and bureaucracy figures (18-20% of the working force) in (too) many of its member states, the financial and political support for African and Arab warlords and Ayatollah’s, the Russian Nordstream project, the enlargement with Turkey and far beyond are just a few examples of this EU. The EU can not solve the Kosovo or Cyprus disputes, and a small country like Belgium falls apart, but the Great Europeans want to unit the whole continent by all means and whatever the democratic, social, moral and financial/economic costs.

The Great Europeans ignore the cultural, fiscal, monetary, political and economic differences and the very different systems of education, social security and politics. That is Eurocommunism. The European ‘Parliament’ can not decide about its seat and the Great Europeans Merkel and Macron parachute their puppets Lagarde and Von der Leyen to the highest positions. Than rather the British democracy, free trade and the rule of law. This EU is very good at issueing new regulations, prohibitions and (hypocrite) moral policies, good governance, innovation, rule of law and democracy have no place, however.