Britain art rules the waves

The exhibition in Madrid shows a of art in Great Britain since the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century through to the twentieth. The exhibition presents over 180 pieces, paintings, sculptures, works on paper, books, magazines, manifestos and photographs, produced by more than a hundred different artists. The show is organised in seven sections, each corresponding to a different era: Destruction and Reformation (1520–1620), Revolution and the Baroque (1620–1720), Society and Satire (1720–1800), Landscapes of the Mind (1760–1850), Realism and Reaction (1850–1900), Modernity and Tradition (1900–1940), and A Brave New World (1945–1980). The exhibition aspires to offer a reply to the matter of where British art has been since the Reformation. The artistic, historical and literary dimensions of the works of art are being discussed. This offers the visitor a full sense of the historical and cultural context of the works of art on display. There will be a series of lectures followowing the development of British art from the 16th-century through to the art that arose after the Second World War, with emphasis on its main forms: portrait, landscape, satirical work, etc. Additionally, two lectures will be devoted to the historical context in which the British Empire developed.