The Norman Expansion

The Castle of Falaise, place of birth of William the Conqueror (1027/28-1087). Photo: Wikipedia.

While William the Conqueror conquered England and founded the Anglo-Norman realm, becoming as powerful as the King of France and Swedish knights were en route to Byzance, other Norman conquerors were about to rule over Sicily. These conquests occurred in the 11th century and were extended by a clever policy and a remarkable modern administration in the 12th century. The Duchy of Normandy, the region of birth of William the Conqueror (he was born in Falaise), became one of the key players on the continent. Trade, culture and building activities flourished. The main objectives of the annual summer campus is to discover the history and heritage of medieval Normandy. The course is organized by the University of Caen (UCBN). The course and fieldwork take place at the cities of Caen, Bayeux and Rouen, the Abbey of Le Mont Saint Michel and the Scriptorial of Avranches. The course is open to French and foreign students and others interested. (Further information: