Rouen 1431

The Panorama artist Yadegar Asisi portrays the city Rouenat the onset of modern times and during the Gothic period and the Hundred Years’ War. The Panorama presents Rouen at a time when its social and commercial life was highly differentiated and structured. The craftsmen and their many guilds exemplify this.

At the same time, the Gothic Cathedral of Rouen stands as an example for the  architecture of the period. The weight of the stone vaults, as high as a house, is supported by pillars, creating a filigree effect, strengthened with flying buttresses and candle arches as well as external columns. Between them, the large glass windows contain works of art. The sophisticated, ingenious symbolism of the Gothic cathedral embodies an ideal of the mediaeval Christian world of ideas, a symbol of light among the apocalyptic “darkness” of the world of the so-called ´Dark Ages´. (Source and further information: