The Pope and Luther saw the Church in half, unknown artist, a. 1550. Photo: Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel.

This year marks the beginning of one of the most important European events: the Reformation. Martin Luther launched his reform by the publication of his 95 demands in 1517, but he never foresaw the far reaching (international) religious, social en political consequences. The Reformation is commemorated all over Europe, but one interesting perspective is highlighted by the Herzog August Library in Germany. The exhibition shows the contemporary circumstances and the way they influenced the thinking and actions of Luther. The exhibition puts Luther into historical perspective through the eyes of contemporary rulers, Church and ordinary people. It shows the controversies and different perspectives of the time and the heated debates and often violent clashes and religious wars, often with an economic background. It shows that religion and politics can become a violent mixture. A topical issue. (futher information: and