Back in the Courtroom

Emperor Karl VI (1711-1740), Johann George Auerbach (1697-1753), Reichskammergerichtsmuseum Wetzlar

At a meeting in Wetzlar, Germany, on January 25th,  2008, the Reichskammergerichts Museum (Imperial Chamber Court Museum) celebrated the acquisition of a painting of Emperor Karl VI. Wetzlar was the location of the supreme court of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation from 1689 until its dissolution in 1806. The Imperial Chamber Council (Reichskammergericht) rendered justice in the name of the Emperor. The pictures of the emperors were clearly visible on the walls of the rooms  together with the pictures of the Kurfürsten.

All emperors will be present in Wetzlar after the acquisition of this painting, the only emperor lacking so far. The Reichskammergericht and the Reichshofrat (Imperial Aulic Council in Vienna) were for centuries the highest European courts of the Holy Roman Empire.