Zadkine Museum

The museum opened its doors to the public in 1982 and is housed in the home and studio where the sculptor Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967) lived and worked. The museum shows a selection of his work, starting with his sculptures influenced by primitivism in the early years of the twentieth century. He then went through a Cubist period and later on he took his inspiration from Greek and Roman sculptures. From 1940-1960 he produced large bronze sculptures. The museum also exhibits contemporary art in tune with the location and Zadkine’s work. Zadkine, born in Smolensk, moved to Paris in 1910, after a spell in England, and he should become one of the most brillant examples of the Paris school made up of numerous foreign artists.

Museum: Zadkine Museum
City: Paris
Country: France
Address: Rue d'Assas 100bis