Wilhelmshöhe Castle

The former residence of Hessian Princes is home to a museum and a splendid and world famous landscape parc in English style. The most famous part of the museum is the department of old masters with many Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and Flemish masters from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries. They include twelve works by Rembrandt and paintings by Jan Steen, Frans Hals and Adriaan van Ostade. Among the most important German artists are Lucas Cranach, the elder Hans Buldung Grien, Albrecht Dürer and Albrecht Altdorfer. The collection Roman and Greek sculptures and reliefsis also highly regarded. The former living quarters of the princes have the original furniture and decoration.

Museum: Wilhelmshöhe Castle
City: Kassel
Country: Germany
Address: Schloss Wilhelmshöhe
Website: http://www.wilhelmshoehe.com