Villa Vauban

The museum was designed to reflect the specificity of its collection of paintings originally acquired by wealthy private collectors in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The museum complex is located in a park designed by the French architect Édouard André (1840 – 1911), one of the leading landscape planners of his time. The exhibitions at the Villa Vauban will draw on the collection of the City of Luxembourg, whose focus lies on Dutch painting from the Golden Age and nineteenth-century French history and landscape painting. The collection is further enhanced by European paintings, sculptures and drawings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries. The character of the collection is significantly influenced by bequests. They provide a unique insight into the collecting practice of the upper bourgeoisie during the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. The villa used to be of the buildings of the Court of Justice of the European Community (1952-1959). The photo originates from this time.

Museum: Villa Vauban
City: Luxembourg
Country: Luxembourg
Address: 18, avenue Emile Reuter