Villa Borghese

“…That Gallery, which resembles the Theatre of the Universe, the Collection of Wonders, and the longing of the Human Gaze” thus described the poet Scipione Francucci in 1613 for the first time the collection of paintings and (antique) sculptures that belonged to Cardinal Scipione in the Villa Borghese in Rome. The Villa’s uniqueness remains unchanged today, due to the richness of the collections and the outstanding location, nature and architecture. The most significant movements and most brilliant Italian and other European artists of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are documented in the gallery, Titian, Caravaggio, Domenichino, G. Reni, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael to name just a few.

Museum: Villa Borghese
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Address: P.le del Museo Borghese 5