Unterlinden Museum

The Museum covers nearly 7,000 years of history, from the prehistoric era to 20th century art. The magnificent medieval cloister the gothic chapel and the old buildings of the Unterlinden convent are the ideal surrounding for the medieval collections of roman and gothic sculptures, tapestries, stainglasses and paintings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Displayed in the chapel, the Isenheim Altarpiece (1512-1516) by Mathias Grünewald and the sculptor Nicolas de Haguenau is the greatest treasure of the museum and one of the masters of the late Gothic. The museum possesses a rich collection of graphic, decorative and modern art as well. The Archaeology collections offer an idea of the different stages of the evolution of mankind through innumerable objects from The Palaeolithic to The Gallo‐Roman (50 BC. ‐ 450) and Merovingian (450‐750) periods.

Museum: Unterlinden Museum
City: Colmar
Country: France
Address: 1 Rue des Unterlinden
Website: http://www.musee-unterlinden.com