Treasury Saint Servatius Basilica

The treasury of the Basilica of Saint Servatius are displayed from various perspectives. First of all, a display of objects which relate to Saint Servatius himself or which are ascribed to him, such as the gilded bust, dating from 1580, with a relic of the Saint’s skull; the pectoral cross; the pilgrim’s staff; the crosier; the chalice with portable altar; the seal; and the goblet. The most precious treasure is the so-called ‘Noodkist’ (Chest Reliquary), being the shrine of Saint Servatius. The ‘Noodkist’, which dates from around 1160, is considered the milestone of the goldsmith trade in the area of the river Meuse. The Treasury also includes a famous collection of oriental silk fabrics from the 4th to the 15th century and many ivory and silver reliquaries.

Museum: Treasury Saint Servatius Basilica
City: Maastricht
Country: Netherlands
Address: Keizer Karelplein