The Ruhr Museum

The Ruhr Museum is located in the former Coal Washing Plant of the Zollverein Coal Mine, Shaft XII in Essen, Germany. The complex has been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage. As a unique type of regional museum it showcases the entire natural and cultural history of the Ruhrgebiet in its permanent exhibition. It is not a traditional industrial museum, but presents itself as the memory of and a window for the new Ruhr Metropolis. The Ruhr Museum has extensive collections on the geology, archaeology, history and photography of the Ruhrgebiet, consisting mainly of artefacts from the collections of the former Ruhrlandmuseum. The collections are continuously being enhanced, in particular with additional regional material. In addition to the permanent exhibition on the Ruhrgebiet past and present, the Ruhr Museum regularly creates special exhibitions, including exhibitions which do not necessarily refer to the Ruhr Area. It combines its extensive exhibition and event programme with the Zollverein Heritage Trail (Denkmalpfad), the The Route of Industrial Heritage (Route Industriekultur) and the Portal of Industrial Heritage (Portal der Industriekultur) in the Coal Washing Plant. One of the treasures is the illuminated Evangelarium of the Essener Abbey for nuns of the eighth century.

Museum: The Ruhr Museum
City: Essen
Country: Germany
Address: Gelsenkirchener Straße 181