The Historical Museum of the Palatinate

The Historical Museum of the Palatinate, along with the Youth Museum are synonymous with interesting exhibitions, fascinating interactive activities, informative knowledge transfer, and entertaining events. Exhibitions of the collection present the history of the region from prehistory through Roman antiquity and on to the present day. The prehistory exhibition document the cultural, societal and commercial development of the Palatinate from the first evidence of human presence until the eve of Roman occupation The Roman era exhibition affords insight into the period during which the Romans ruled the area that is today the Palatinate but then belonged to the province of Upper Germania The Modern era exhibition includes information and exhibits from the Renaissance through to the period following the Second World War. The core of the permanent exhibition is represented by the Frankenthaler porcelains, the Baroque paintings, as well as the precious garments from the collection of the Bassermann-Jordan family.The museum also displays exhibits from the world of wine and the a history of the Evangelical church, illustrating the close connection between the development of the Evangelical Church and Palatine history.The Historical Museum of the PalatinateDomplatz 4

Museum: The Historical Museum of the Palatinate
City: Speyer
Country: Germany
Address: Domplatz 4