The Fuggerei

The Administration of the Fuggerei Foundation and eight other foundations is carried out by the Fuerstlich und Graeflich Fuggersche Stiftungs- Administration. This body manages the estates owned by the foundation, which through income from forestry and real property interests essentially enable the maintenance of the Fuggerei. More recently the income from tourism has also been added. The headquarters of the Stiftungs-Administration is in the Fuggerei. The function of the final control and management committee activities is undertaken on an honorary basis by the ÒFuggersche FamiliensenioratÓ on behalf of the Fugger family. As well as the Fuggerei and the Fugger Chapel in the Annakirche, the other foundations include: the St. Moritz Predicate Foundation, the Wood and Smallpox Foundation, the Schneidhaus Foundation, the Veit-Hoerl Foundation, the Dr. Johannes Mylius Foundation, the Dr. Simon Scheibenhardt Foundation and the Hospital Foundation of Waltenhausen. The Fuggerei Museum displays the houshold and living of Germany’s most famous bankers familiy.

Museum: The Fuggerei
City: Augsburg
Country: Germany
Address: Fuggerei 56