The Diocesan Museum

The museum is housed in the Palais des Canons (XIIcentury). The Museum houses a wonderful collection of art exhibits that trace the two thousand year history of Gubbio as well as through out the Diocese of Gubbio, already living in the earliest centuriesoftheChristianEra. The archaeological section of the museum offers evidence of Roman and early medieval art, while in the adjacent rooms are hosted examples of painting and sculpture of the twelfth and thirtienth centuries, among which the splendid painted panels from eugubino Mello. The painting is represented by works of the fifteenth workshop Ottaviano Nelli, Taddeo di Bartolo and a splendid cycle of frescoes depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ.

Museum: The Diocesan Museum
City: Gubbio
Country: Italy
Address: via Federico da Montefeltro