The Diocesan Museum Susa

The Diocesan Museum (museo diocesano) is hosted by the ecclesiastical compound of Madonna del Ponte. The museum is divided into three major sections, housed in six exhibition halls. They are: the Treasury of the Cathedral of San Giusto, the treasure of the church of Madonna del Ponte, the wooden statues and goldsmith works from many parishes and institutions of the Diocesi of Susa.The exhibited works cover a time-frame from the sixth to the twentieth century. The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art of Susa is the coordination office of the Diocesan Museum System of Susa, which includes the following museums: Museum of the Capella del Carmine di Melezet, Museum of Sacred Art of Giaglione, Museum of Sacred Art of Novalesa.

Museum: The Diocesan Museum Susa
City: Susa
Country: Italy
Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini 1