The Biblical Museum

The Biblical Museum is housed in two historic buildings on the Herengracht canal in Amsterdam. This remarkable and atmospheric setting, an historical artefact by itself, provides a home for the unique collection of one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. Archaeological discoveries, artefacts from ancient Egypt, centuries-old models of temples and religious objects from the Judeo-Christian tradition and aromas bring Bible stories to life. It houses for example a famous 19th-century model of the Tabernacle: a wonderful reconstruction of the sacred shrine housing the Ark of the Covenant. Displays centred on a model of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem explain the significance of this sacred place in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Clay tablets, fragments of papyrus and archaeological remains tell the fascinating story of how the Bible came into existence, and the influence it has had on Dutch society through the ages. Oil lamps, clay tablets, earthenware, shards of pottery, coins and other archaeological discoveries bring the biblical world to life. The collection of Bibles includes the oldest Bible printed in the Netherlands, dating from 1477, and a first edition of the 1637 Dutch Authorised Version.

Museum: The Biblical Museum
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Address: Herengracht 366-368