The archaeological viewing window

The museum (Archäologisches Schaufenfenster) shows the restoration of prehistoric and historic archeological finds. Integrated into the display room are the windows into the glass studio. There, the visitor can follow all the way from the condition in which they were found to the level of the object’s being ready for exhibition. There is also a full-scale reproduction of a Frankonian grave and two gable walls modelled on those of a Roman row house enclose the sides of the plaza. The gable walls have classically styled roofs over them along with a so-called portico on the street side. In front of the building, a Roman sarcophagus from the 4thcentury, a capital from the Middle Ages as well as a late antique leaguestone (milestone) have been set up.

Museum: The archaeological viewing window
City: Speyer
Country: Germany
Address: Gilgenstraße 13