Singer Museum

The Singer museum in Laren was originally formed by the American painter William Singer and his wife Anna Singer Brugh. From c. 1880 onwards they collected artworks from French, American and Dutch contemporaries and friends. Since the founding of the Singer Memorial Foundation in 1954 the collection has expanded and broadened with Modernist artists, mostly in relation to the former artists colony Laren-Blaricum. The permanent collection consists of works by William Singer, Albert Neuhuys, Hein Kever, Evert Pieters, Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig, Lou Loeber, Chris Beekman, Bart van der Leck, Gustave De Smet, Jan Sluijters and others. Exhibitions of Dutch, European and American artists and artistic currents from the period 1880-1950 always have a link to the original collection.

Museum: Singer Museum
City: Laren
Country: Netherlands
Address: Oude Drift 1