The Sieboldhouse (Het SieboldHuis) offers the most beautiful objects from Japan behind a Dutch historical facade. Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold (1796-1866) was born in the city of Würzburg in Bavaria. In 1822, he entered the service of the Dutch East-India army as surgeon-major, and was stationed in Batavia. He had managed to learn both Dutch and Malay in a short time and was sent to Japan. He collected many Japanese artefacts, that he showed to the public as early as 1837 in this house in Leiden The collection gives an insight in the centuries old Japanese- Dutch relations and Japanese art and history. The Japanese empire was on the rise and also European history and artists should meet its influence in the short term. The exhibition rooms each have their own atmosphere: an intimate study with plants, animals and colourful aquarelles; a panorama room with showcases almost four meters high; an impression of the past in a historical room where the story of Siebold’s family is told; An almost serene treasure room housing the most unique objects; and a map room where the visitor can plan his own trip.

Museum: SieboldHuis
City: Leiden
Country: Netherlands
Address: Rapenburg 19