Roman Museum Augsburg

Augsburg (Augusta Vindelicum) was the capital of the province of Raetia for more than 300 years and the administrative and economic centre of the Roman dominion from the northern Alps to the Danube River. The museum (Römisches Museum) provides a comprehensive overview over Roman history and civilisation in the Augsburg region. On show are Antiquities from the Mediterranean region and local findings, such as military objects, stone monuments, images of gods, sarcophagi and gravestones, inscriptions honouring emperors and governors, a treasure of gold coins, the victory altar of 260 AD, every-day objects (jewellery, glasses, ceramic, tools, utensils). The exhibition ends with early medieval findings from Alamann graveyards in Swabia and the early Christian period.

Museum: Roman Museum Augsburg
City: Augsburg
Country: Germany
Address: Dominikanergasse 15