Roentgen Museum

The museum (Roentgen-Museum) is dedicated to furniture, clocks and social history.  The Baroque Residence of count ( Graf) Friedrich Alexander zu Wied allowed artists from various religious background to work in the city and for courts all over Europe from Paris, Prussia to St. Petersburg. The furniture „ Neuwieder Möbeln“ by Abraham Roentgen (1711-1793), his son David (1743-1807) and their successors belongs to the most famous of the 18th and 19th centuries and covers Baroque, Rococo, Biedermeier, Romanticism and finally Jugendstil. Other objects on display are the Kinzing clockworks collection and the Raiffeisen collection about the social history oft he city Neuwied in the nineteenth century.


Museum: Roentgen Museum
City: Neuwied
Country: Germany
Address: Raiffeisenstraße 1a