Ricciacum-Roman town

The town Dalheim (Luxembourg) hosts a well preserved gallo-roman site and Roman theater. Founded during the reign of Emperor August (63 BC – 14 AD), the town of Ricciacum was an important stopping off place on the Via Agrippa, the major Roman road from the Mediterranean to the Rhine. It is the most important Roman site in Luxembourg and among the best preserved in the whole of Northern Gaul. The most spectacular remaining structure is the theatre whose good state of preservation is unique in the greater region. Erected in the beginning of the second century, the building measures 62.5 meters in diameter ant it could accommodate an audience of more than 3 500 people.

Museum: Ricciacum-Roman town
City: Dalheim
Country: Luxembourg
Address: Rue Neie Wee
Website: http://www.ricciacus.lu