Rembrandt House Museum

The house where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1658 is a museum: Museum the Rembrandt House (het Rembrandthuis). The building was constructed in 1606 and 1607 The house can clearly be seen on a map dating from 1625. It is a substantial two-storey dwelling house with a stepped gable. In about 1627-28 the house was drastically remodelled. It was given a new façade, a triangular corniced pediment—the height of modernity at the time—and another storey was added (fig.2). The reconstruction was probably overseen by Jacob van Campen, who was later to make his name as the architect of Amsterdam Town Hall (now the Palace in Dam Square). The Rembrandt House Museum owns a special collection of etchings, drawings and paintings. Most of the paintings are by artists known as Pre-Rembrandtists—painters who were working in Amsterdam before Rembrandt moved there in 1631. The museum offers a more or less realistic picture of the house-atelier of Rembrandt, based on the list of objects that were written down during his bankruptcy process.

Museum: Rembrandt House Museum
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Address: Jodenbreestraat 4