Pfalz Museum

The discovery of an original Pfalz from the time of Charlemagne (768-814) led to the establishment of one of the very few museums on the spot of a centre of administration and government during the reign of this Frankish King and Emperor. Not very far from Aachen and its famous Dom, Paderborn became an important bishopry after the campaign against the pagan Saxons in 777. Charlemagne built a fortification and a simple church in 777. The church was rebuilt as a Dom by the time Pope Leo III (750-816) met Charlemange here in 799. The Pope and Charlemagne discussed the coronation of Charlemagne as emperor in order to reestablish imperial rule in the territories conquered by Charlemagne. The museum exhibits works of art from the Carolingian and Romanesque period. The building is a reconstruction from the Ottonian-Salian period (919-1125), built on the Carolingian foundations.

Museum: Pfalz Museum
City: Paderborn
Country: Germany
Address: Am Ikenberg