Palace Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo is a palace, built over three hundred years ago in the heart of the Netherlands, close to the town of Apeldoorn. The former royal residence has been open to the public since 1984. The sumptuously furnished interiors give an impression of how the Dutch royal family lived here for three centuries. The reconstructed gardens emanate the ambience of their seventeenth century origin with their fountains and elegantly box-lined parterres. The palace’s setting in one of Holland’s most beautiful nature areas makes a visit a real delight at any time of year. The King-Stadholder William III and Queen Mary II, are taken as the point of departure, the last being Queen Wilhelmina. The interiors are furnished with items of furniture, objects and paintings that generations of royal family members had around them. The authentic fabrics used for the wall coverings and windows are quite exceptional. Paleis Het Loo is one of those unique places where all the art objects can be seen in the setting for which they were intended. The Gardens can also be accessed via the lower house. The Museum of the Chancery of the Netherlands Orders of Knighthood houses the world’s largest collection of insignia of orders, decorations, and certificates, often in exquisite Moroccan bound cases. Painted portraits and rare regalia are also part of the collection. The items are used as part of the permanent display to illustrate the history of the origin of the orders and the decorations in The Netherlands and abroad.

Museum: Palace Het Loo
City: Apeldoorn
Country: Netherlands
Address: Koninklijk Park 1