The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Royal Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts (museum voor Schone Kunsten) of Belgium hold some twenty thousand paintings, sculptures and drawings. Located in Brussels, they consist of the Ancient Art Museum (XV – XVII century), the Modern Art Museum (XIX ­ XX century), the Wiertz Museum and the Meunier Museum. The Museum of Ancient Art houses … Read more » “Royal Museum of Fine Arts”

Comic Strip Museum

In a masterpiece of Art Nouveau designed by Victor Horta (1906),the Belgian Comic Strip Center brings together everything related to the comic strip, from its prestigious beginnings to its most recent developments.. With more than 700 comic strip authors, Belgium has more comic strip artists per square kilometer than any other country in the world! … Read more » “Comic Strip Museum”

Cinquantenaire Museum

The Cinquantenaire museum (Jubelpark museum) is the headquarters of the Royal museums of Art and History (Hallepoort, Music instruments museum Far East museum) and its is one of the most extensive museums in Belgium. The collections are divided according to four main themes: national archaeology, antiquity, Romanesque and Mosan art, decorative art and non European … Read more » “Cinquantenaire Museum”

Magritte museum

Les Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, in collaboration with Groupe Suez and the Fondation Magritte, have been working to establish the world’s largest museum devoted to the artist in Brussels, capital of Europe and the city in which Magritte developed his art. The world’s largest collection of over 200 works by Magritte, comprising the … Read more » “Magritte museum”

The Cinquantenaire Museum

In the Cinquantenaire Museum,you can see national archaeological artefacts from prehistory to the age of the Merovingians, as well as finds from Egypt, the Near East, Iran and Classical Antiquity. Among the star attractions are the collections of Egyptian sarcophagi and Greek vases, the great mosaic floor from Apamea and the model of Ancient Rome. … Read more » “The Cinquantenaire Museum”

See and Tell Brussels

Voir et Dire Bruxelles, (“See and Tell Brussels”) is a round-table group of the following themed cultural tourism associations: ARAU,, Chatterbus and Pro Vélo. Each association has its own identity and specialism, which adds to the diversity of the round table. Together, the four associations organise varied programmes of high-quality, themed, guided tours, either … Read more » “See and Tell Brussels”

Bozar Centre of Fine Arts

Creativity, quality, and artistic (European) diversity have been at the heart of the Centre’s mission since its foundation. The Centre organizes exhibitions and offers a platform for theatre, music, literature, architecture, cinema and other events. The Centre of Fine Arts is well knows for its magnificent architecture and events.