OstpreuBen Landesmuseum

The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the centuries of German culture and history of the region. Starting in primeval history up until the history of Ostpreußen from the conquest by the German Order to the period until 1945. Ostpreußen was the black sheep after 1945, but recent (scholarly) attention and publication offer a more objective picture. The museum is currently expanding and creating a German-Baltic department. Quite a lot of famous philosophers are from Ostpreußen and the art academy of Königsberg (today’s Kaliningrad) had a formative influence on art. In the same way several painters had been inspired by the landscape and architecture of Ostpreußen, like the colony of artists in Nidden.

Museum: OstpreuBen Landesmuseum
City: Lüneburg
Country: Germany
Address: Ritterstraße 10
Website: http://www.ostpreussisches-landesmuseum.de