The Oeuvre Notre-Dame

The museum highlights centuries of Medieval and Renaissance art. The building housing the museum (museum de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame), involved in the Cathedral’s construction since the 13th century. Its two wings, one Gothic, erected in 1347, the other Renaissance, already included a small museum of sculptures from the cathedral and rooms of historical interest. The exhibition shows metalwork furniture, tapestry, wooden statuary, iconography, paintings, goldsmith’s art, archeology and Roman sculpture and furnishings. The 13th century statuary from Strasbourg’s Cathedral constitutes one of the museum’s most prestigious series. Masterpieces of Gothic sculpture shown in the museum’s largest hall, are distributed across three levels, whose ceilings and interior partitions have been removed for just that purpose. Strasbourg as Colmar, Basle and Fribourg, benefited froma myriad of cross border inspirations, expecially Burgundian, Italian and Flemish.

Museum: The Oeuvre Notre-Dame
City: Strasbourg
Country: France
Address: 3, place du Château