Museum Santa Giulia

The Museum (museo di Santa Giulia) is housed in an ancient monastery. The collection covers the periods from pre-history to the nineteenth century. The medieval complex is worth visiting as well, with architectural elements from the Roman period and early-medieval and Renaissance elements. The section covering the Roman period is by far the most extensive, including the winged bronze statue of Aphrodite-Victory and six gilded busts of Roman emperors, mosaics and the remains of a Roman road with the damage caused by chariot and wagon wheels. The early medieval period is of high quality as well. Brescia was the capital of the Lombards and the last Lombard king founded the monastery about 783. After centuries of German rule until the Hohenstaufen emperors were thrown out in mid-thirteenth century, the city came under the rule of Italian cities until the Napoleonic era.

Museum: Museum Santa Giulia
City: Brescia
Country: Italy
Address: Via dei Musei, 81/b