Museum Reichenau

Three Romanesque churches from the 9th to the 11th century attest to the significance of the former Benedictine abbey on the Monastic Island of Reichenau. The museum site comprises the three Romanesque churches on the island from the time of the Carolingians and Ottonians. Their wall paintings show how significant Reichenau was as an artistic centre. The triple-naved Minster of St. Mary and St. Mark, formerly the monastery church, is today a Catholic parish church. In the St. Peter and Paul Church, consecrated in 799, the magnificent organ and Romanesque paintings are well worth seeing. Even older are the monumental Ottonian murals in the Church of St. George, the sole surviving example north of the Alps of a church interior from the 10th century that has been painted in its entirety. Another significant artefact from the artistic history of the High Middle Ages are the unique Reichenau manuscripts with their narrative illustrations of the New Testament and the lives of Jesus and the Gospels.

Museum: Museum Reichenau
City: Reichenau
Country: Germany
Address: Erdgat 1