Museum of the Ara Pacis

The Museum of the Ara pacis (museo dell’Ara Pacis) modulates around the contrast of light and shade, in order to create an uninterrupted continuity with the outside world and to create the silence necessary to enjoy the monument in full and to attend to the procession passing along the sides of the enclosure of the Altar, made up of the massed priests of the Augustan age and of members of the imperial family, guided by Augustus himself; to revisit the founding myths of Rome and the Augustan glory. The Ara Pacis is one of the finest examples of classical art, dedicated to August upon his return from Gaul and Spain after his victorious campaigns in the first decade of the rule. The Alter was built on the Via Flamina at the northern limit of the Field of Mars (Campus Martius). Due to the alluvial nature of the ground and the flooding of the Tiber, the Altar was very quickly buried however and completely lost to memory until 1938 when the Alter was reconstructed.

Museum: Museum of the Ara Pacis
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Address: Lungotevere in Augusta