Museum of Fine Arts Gallarate

The works in the permanent collection of the Museum (Museo Arte Gallarate) are a record of recent expressions of the Italian Novecento, of figurative art after World War II, the influence of abstract art on figurative painting and sculpture, abstract naturalism, neo-naturalismo padano, abstract and concrete art, kinetic and technological art, environmental art, Art Informel, conceptual art, pittura pittura, the transavanguardia, post-modern, the “new-new”, anachronists and pittura colta, the new realism, the new futurism, abstraction redefined, astrazione povera, multimedia art, the new artistic languages and Italian design. The rich collection of graphic works comprises 1711 items.


Museum: Museum of Fine Arts Gallarate
City: Gallarate
Country: Italy
Address: Via De Magri