Memleben Cloister museum

The museum (Memleben Museum Kloster) focusses on the history and arts of the region and the city of Memleben from medieval times and the period of the Ottonian rulers in particular. The benedictine monastery, founded in the tenth century, became one the most important abbeys of the Holy Roman Empire. The death of Henry I in 936 and Otto the Great in 973 and the subsequent burial of their hearts in Memleben churches (the other remains were buried in the Magdeburg Cathedral) greatly contributed to the importance of the city and its monastery. The museum shows the ruines/building of the monumental abbey by reconstructions and shows excellent pieces of romanesque art. The medieval scriptorium and the daily work and life (ora et labora) of monchs are showed by means of reconstructions and exhibited materials.

Museum: Memleben Cloister museum
City: Memleben
Country: Germany
Address: Thomas-Müntzer-Str. 48