Mart Museum

Mart is a cultural laboratory. The museum does not only preserve and exhibit works of art. It is also a center for scientific research. More than 80,000 documents, manuscripts, drawings and photograph account for the historical archives of Mart. The 60,000 volumes in the library – books, catalogues, magazines – reconstruct the culture of the XXth Century, with a focus on the futurist movement and its leaders, on the avant-gardes and the research on the relationships between body and images. The main fields of research are the International Center for Studies on Futurism (CISF), the Archive of Documents on Contemporary Artists (ADAC), and the Archive of New Writings (ANS). Mart’s international commitments have grown in close collaboration with the public and private collecting that has always constituted the heart of the museum’s holdings.

Museum: Mart Museum
City: Rovereto
Country: Italy
Address: Corso Bettini