Limes Museum

In the Museum, located on what was formerly the largest Roman fort north of the Alps, the history of the Raetic and Upper German provinces, as well as military and civilian life in and around the fort is well described. Among the numerous exhibits are items found during excavations in Aalen and at the fort at Rainau-Buch. During the year there are also several special events. The principle theme of the museum is the occupation of Southern Germany by the Romans in 200 A.D . Outstandingly restored weapon discoveries such as lances and swords, heavy chain mail armor, and Caligae (roman sandals) show how well the Roman Army was equipped. An impressive artifact is the arrow-catapult that is reconstructed in real size. A look into the civilian life shows complex manufactured tools and pottery. Gold and silver decorations, jewelry and minted coins give evidence of a modest prosperity. Nearby and in contrast to these delicate items, stand massive honorary monuments and gravestones made of domestic sandstone. The high point of the exhibit is a treasure trove of unique cultural articles found in the excavations of the former village around the fort Buch.

Museum: Limes Museum
City: Aalen
Country: Germany
Address: St.-Johann-Straße 5