Kunsthalle Hamburg

The Kunsthalle owes its existence to an initiative by the Kunstverein in Hamburg (Hamburg Art Union), which was founded in 1817 and opened the first “public municipal painting gallery” in 1850. Within the Old Masters Collection four areas in particular have been a focus since the founding of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. North German Art around 1400 is one of them. 17 th Century Dutch painting and the collection of Italian paintings dating from 1350 until 1800 have become a focus. The Kunsthalle holds one of the most important collections of 19 and 20 Century paintings. The “Brücke“-artists and important works by Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, August Macke and Alexei Jawlensky document the development of the “Blaue Reiter“. Modern tendencies are also visible in the bodies of work of artists who, since the founding of the “Bauhaus”, taught in Weimar and later in Dessau. German and French artists, who founded the group “Abstraction – Creation“ before the Second World War. The Kunsthalle has a large collection of French and German painters after 1945.

Museum: Kunsthalle Hamburg
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Address: Glockengießerwall
Website: http://www.hamburger-kunsthalle.de