Huis Doorn-castle of the German Emperor Wilhelm II

Huis Doorn owes its fame mainly to the former German Emperor Wilhelm II, who went into asylum after the German defeat in World War I. He lived here from 1920 until his death in 1941 amid memories of the Hohenzollerns, his once mighty ancestors of electors, kings and emperors. In 1919 Wilhelm II bought Huis Doorn, castle dating to the fourteenth century. At the end of the eighteenth century it was transformed into an elegant country estate, and Wilhelm also made the necessary adaptations to the house. The 35 hectare park was shaped according to English style. The interior of Huis Doorn comes from palaces in Berlin and Potsdam. Gorgeous furniture, paintings and silver made to live in accordance with imperial standards. The imperial residence became a museum after the last war. The original furnishing and interior are still intact and offer visitors an authentic picture of the royal way of living.

Museum: Huis Doorn-castle of the German Emperor Wilhelm II
City: Doorn
Country: Netherlands
Address: Langbroekerweg 10