The Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum was established in the former home of the famous archaeologist, a vicarage from the 18th century. Heinrich Schliemann spent eight years of his childhood (1823 – 1831) in the Mecklenburg village Ankershagen / Müritzkreis,. The Museum organizes lectures and publications and provides comprehensive information on the life and work of Schliemann in order to pay tribute to his lasting contribution as the excavator of Troy and re-discoverer of the Mycenaean civilization. As a research institution the Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum wants to contribute to an objective assessment of the controversial archaeologist.

Museum: Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum
City: Ankershagen / Mecklenburg
Country: Germany
Address: Lindenallee 1
Website: http://www.schliemann-museum.de/hsm/karte.html